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This page contains several of the testimonials Rod has received regarding counselling, education and supervision.

"It encourages me to think that I crossed paths with Rod as an educator & mentor. I consider him as genuine & in touch with the needs of the human condition. He was sensitively assuring in remaining present with me & supported me to understand that I matter to me...Thank you for being a fine educator, I've appreciated your wisdom, feedback & your personality. Seldom, in my experience, do you get all three skilled facets in the one human being. This has been an excellent experience. Thank you Rod " - K.R (Student, Bachelor Qualification, 2018).

"Rod made me feel comfortable and 'safe' to really open up and talk freely. Rod enabled me to turn a corner in my life and make positive changes to become the person I really want to be!!" - EAP participant

"Rod is an amazing counsellor with great empathy, knowledge and professionalism. I am doing so well now and can't thank him enough!" - Client

"FANTASTIC SESSIONS. Very helpful!" - Client

"The session helped me cope with a toxic work environment." - EAP participant

"Prior to walking into the office for the first time I must confess we were sceptic of the effect of counselling, psychotherapy, and the nondirective approach. We were unsure whether this was going to be a beneficial and positive step.... Rod was so tuned in and got so many elephants out of the room metaphorically speaking with his impeccable insight and compassion that I was almost in excitement to see him again.

Moment by moment an awakening aided by the skill set, understanding and compassion from Rod began to unveil! I could rant and rave as I do to my family and friends about how effective this has been for both of us.

Rods’ insight and compassion is second to none and his ability to journey into the abyss of people’s pain is gentle and welcomed because of the trust demonstrated.

He is not biased to male nor female and we will continue to see him as I finally have seen a system which undeniably in my option is clockwork like a well-oiled machine.

Bless your talent and abilities." - A & L, Jan 2017